Lawful Stance

Lawful Stance

by Dr. D. Wayne Beeks

The following is based from the Gospel of Matthew and included in a sermon written well over one hundred years ago by Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892).   The words are as true now as they were when written then.

“These are days when we need men of principle, men who can put their foot down and keep it down, men who cannot be turned aside. They call this firmness, ‘bigotry.’ It is, however, only another name for Christian manliness! If you dare to do right and face a frowning world, you shall have God’s commendation, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’” (Mat 25:21, 23).

Spurgeon 1892, Sermon 2272.

As police officers, you are charged with taking a lawful stance and “putting your foot down”, taking a firm stance, and ensuring to the safety and wellbeing of those living in the communities you protect and serve.  These days law enforcement is challenged increasingly by those around you for this firmness of position; questioning your authority and rights to uphold and enforce the laws.  You are often called “racists” and “bigots” by those that are lawless and ignorant, living outside of the laws of the community, and of God.  But as law enforcement officers, you are the ever-watchful sheepdogs of society; chosen to do the work of your community and of God, serving and protecting, because you have the firm, yet gentle and fairness of heart to do what is righteous and just in our troubled and sinful world.

May the Lord keep you safe, and may the Holy Spirit fill your hearts, and guide you in His words, and wisdom as you uphold and enforce the laws; serving the people of your communities.

In Jesus’s name we pray